Diigo is a “social bookmarking tool.” It allows you to curate content on the web by bookmarking the page and saving it in a website. And because it is there in the internet, you can share it. And get to it when you are on vacation. Or at a friend’s house. Or not.

Diigo is responsible for the list of classes to the right of this text. Yea, over there where it says, “WordPress courses.” If you click on those words, look where you go!

Now that you are back, here is what Diigo is and does. 

I have used Diigo to collect resources for a class I teach. Here is the list. It is a bunch of links to useful Photoshop tutorials. I chose each one and shared them to this list. Very nice.

Here is the Diigo help site. Here is a nice lady sharing how to use Diigo in video.


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